SF Design Week 2018

Speaking at the San Francisco Design Week with the wonderful Dei Gaztelumendi on Cozmo, Character & Animation was A BLAST! San Francisco is such a great hub for wonderful, forward thinking people. had great conversation about Anki, ideas, inspirations and thoughts on the future of Character Animation and Robotics and it was fun and exciting. I have to thank the organizers for having us, the Anki Comms team for the work behind the scenes and of course Leigh for taking pictures.

Rocky the Cat

Meet Rocky, the dashing cat from the back alleys of Denver St.! 

...ok ok, it's just a Saturday morning animation exercise. Since I don't get to animate much at work lately, I find myself animating little tests like this one more and more. No grand plan or anything, just simple exercises to keep that animation muscle working.


I animate. My name is Mooly Segal.